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Synchro Boy Teacher Guide available!

Before I was an author, I was a BC-certified secondary English teacher—and as an Instructional Designer, I've drafted learning resources for K-12 teachers. Now I've decided to make a teacher guide for Synchro Boy. Feel free to download a preview of the guide and use what's available so far.

The Synchro Boy Teacher Guide preview includes an overview section with character list, setting description, and plot summary, a page of whole-book discussion questions, two pages of book project ideas, and a preview of chapter-by-chapter questions and comprehension check quizzes. The guide also includes descriptions of how the activities and discussions align to the BC and Ontario curriculums. The Teacher Guide is available as a Word document, so that you can select what you wish to use and change as needed.  

Coming Soon: Chapter discussion questions and quizzes for beyond Chapter Five, more whole-book dicussion questions, proficiency scales for assessment of book projects, and a description of how the guide aligns to the  Common Core Standards in the US.  

Download the WHOLE GUIDE

or Download a single part:

 - Book Overview

 - Whole Book Discussion Questions

 - End of Book Projects

 - Chapter discussion questions

- Chapter quizzes and Answer Keys (Chapters 1-5 available now)

(The Synchro Boy Teacher Guide is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial - CC BY-NC license.)

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